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Former SPD Police Chiefs

This page is dedicated to the police chiefs that have served for the Sanbornton Police. It is with great honor that we share this information with you.

 Chief Mark Barton

Chief 2003-2009

Chief Richard Robinson

Chief  1996-2003

Chief Jack Maurath

Chief 1980-1996


Chief Dusty Nielsen


Chief 1971 to 1980


August 11, 1932August 22, 2009

 This was our first year as an organized, established police department; we were housed in the “old” town hall.  Under Dusty’s leadership we established a telephone communications system, which for the first time afforded the citizens of Sanbornton to communicate any time of day or night with the emergency personnel.

 The Sanbornton Police Department was also the first to transfer its radio communications onto the new high band radio system which gives it statewide communications.  This was made possible by a grant of $1,053.00 from LEAA.

 In 1971 these words were posted in the annual town report, they were written by Chief Nielsen:

“As Chief of Police of the Town of Sanbornton I wish to state that it has been my pleasure to serve you.  I also wish to thank those of you who have given me their support.  I wish to thank the members of the surrounding Law Enforcement Agencies for the assistance they have given me from time to time.  I especially wish to thank Sheriff Rodney S. Crockett of Belknap County and the members of his department for their particular efforts and much appreciated assistance during the past year.  I know that without their aid this department would not have functioned as well as it did”.

Respectfully,  LOUIS R. NIELSEN Chief of Police


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